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Activated Carbon Filtration

Carbon filters generally have two usages, (1) removal of chlorine and (2) removal of organic matter. Carbon filters are generally used as pre-treatment with reverse osmosis to save the RO membrane from damages caused by chlorine and with surface water to remove organics from the water.

Carbon filters can be either backwashing filters for larger and whole house applications or cartridges from smaller designated drinking water systems.

Backwashing Units

Aqua North Water Systems Ltd backwashing carbon filters use Clack Valve heads and fiberglass media tanks which are made from high performance composite material with FRP filament winding. Our valves and tanks come in a variety of sizes for any residential, commercial, agriculture or industrial application. These units are automatically regenerated by programing the valve head to a set amount of days or gallons.

Cartridge Units

Our cartridges are available in two types (Granular Activated Carbon GAC and Carbon Block) and a number of sizes:

  • 10” standard cartridge
  • 20” standard cartridge
  • 10” BB or Big Blue® cartridge
  • 20” BB or Big Blue® cartridge

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