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pH Adjusters & Neutralizers

Aqua North Water Systems Ltd offers two styles of pH adjusters either with backwashing filters or chemical injections.

Chemical Injectors

Chemical injection dosage pumps are used to inject chemical into the water supply at the required dosage to either bring up or lower the pH in water. Our systems use a meter to communicate with the pump to allow for controlled dosages and better results. A contact vessel after injection is installed to give the chemical time to be absorbed properly before being used for domestic purposes.

Neutralizing Filters

Aqua North Water Systems Ltd backwashing neutralizing filters can be built with different types of media to either raise or lower the pH in water. We use Clack Valve heads and fiberglass media tanks which are made from high performance composite material with FRP filament winding. Our valves and tanks come in a variety of sizes for any residential, commercial, agriculture or industrial application. These units are automatically regenerated by programing the valve head to a set amount of days or gallons.

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