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Residential Water Technicians in Fort St. John, Grande Prairie and Beyond

Protect your family and enjoy clean, pure drinking water with the help of Aqua North Water Systems Ltd. Based in Fort St. John, our residential water technicians design, install and maintain water systems throughout Northern BC, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Pumping Systems

A pumping system is used to provide your house with water. No matter what your source may be - water wells, cisterns, or dugouts - Aqua North Water Systems Ltd is able to design a system to work for you. Check out the various pumping systems  we work with or call us to see what we have to offer.

Purification Systems

Whether you have a foul taste and odours or staining and clogged faucets, the right treatment system can easily fix your problems. Aqua North Water Systems Ltd offers a wide range of products including softeners, iron filters, pH adjusters, and reverse osmosis systems. With over 35 years of experience, we have the ability and knowledge to confidently design, install, and service the purification system you require. In-house testing is always free. You can also have one of our water quality specialists look at an analysis and give you a no-obligation recommendation or quotation.

Learn more about the purification solutions we provide.

Overview Inspections

When buying or selling a house, it is always recommended to have your pumping or purification system inspected by a professional. At Aqua North Water Systems Ltd, our staff is trained in what to look for to ensure your water system is working to its full potential. Here is what we do:

Water well physical condition

Pumping system operation

Water quality testing and sampling

Flow testing (optional)

Purification system operation

Flow Testing

Flow tests are recommended when there is drilling, hydraulic fracturing (fracking), or seismic activity in your area. General flow tests include water pumping, well recovery and water sampling. Often, a homebuyer will require a flow test prior to purchasing a home. With certified pump installers and the proper equipment on hand, Aqua North Water Systems Ltd can perform an accurate test on a well or spring to determine the flow of the aquifer.

Well Cleaning and Rehabilitation

Regular well cleaning can help reduce the build-up of organics in your well. A well with a low yield tends to draw in oxygen, which in turn oxidizes iron and plugs up the screen or perforations. Regular maintenance will reduce this and even improve the flow back to its original state.

Cistern and Storage Tank Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing a cistern or storage tank helps reduce the chance of bacteria growth in your water supply. Annual cistern cleanings are always recommended and even mandatory for commercial operations by the Northern Health Authority. Aqua North Water Systems Ltd has staff trained for these types of jobs with safety procedures in place to make sure the job is done safely and efficiently.

Well Chlorinating

Shocking your well with chlorine will reduce and slow down the growth of bacteria in your water well, but done improperly, will be relatively ineffective and can even be harmful. Our staff has been trained on how to properly shock a well and has the testing equipment to make sure it is done properly and effectively.

Water Systems for Various Sectors

Our water services are ideal for residential, industrial and commercial establishments. Contact us for a detailed quote or to schedule a visit.

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