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Water Conditioner & Softeners

Aqua North Water Systems has the experience and the knowledge to provide a top of the line water conditioner to stop hard water from causing numerous problems in your household.

Our softener comes in a variety of sizes depending on your water chemistry and can be used as a single (simplex) unit or in more extreme cases a dual (duplex) unit is available. All of our units are preprogrammed to regenerate at specific gallons and times with a digital display making them very user friendly.

Benefits of an Aqua North Water Softener:

  • Reduces scaling of appliance (on demand hot water tanks/dishwasher/hot water tank/humidifiers etc.)
  • Reduces scaling of faucets and shower heads
  • Reduces soap scum in sinks, on dishes and in toilets
  • Reduces corrosion

How It Works

Softening water uses an "ion exchange" process to remove minerals such as calcium, magnesium and some iron and manganese.

The way this process works is the water to be treated travels through a bed of resin which is negatively charged. When the positive charged calcium and magnesium ions pass through the bed and bind to the resin. Once the softener's resin bed is exhausted (have no sodium ions left to replace the calcium and magnesium ions) regeneration will occur, drawing in a high concentration of sodium chloride (salt). This will remove the calcium and magnesium from the resin bed, replace it with sodium, and be renewed and ready to soften again.

Our softeners use Clack Valve heads and fiberglass media tanks which are made from high-performance composite material with FRP filament winding. Our valves and tanks come in a variety of sizes for any residential, commercial, agriculture or industrial application. These units are automatically regenerated by programing the valve head to a set amount of days or gallons.

Water Conditioner & Softeners

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