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Commercial Water Pumping, Purification, Testing, Cleaning & Rentals

If you are looking for commercial water pumping in Northern BC, Alberta and the Northwest Territories, Aqua North Water Systems Ltd is pleased to serve businesses throughout the area. Read more about the services our certified water technicians offer, and let us know if you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation .

Pumping Systems

A pumping system is used to provide your business with water and even boost city water pressure when needed. No matter what your water source may be: wells, cisterns, dugouts, ponds, lakes, etc., Aqua North Water Systems Ltd can design a system to work for you. Find more information on the types of pumping systems we install .

Purification Systems

Are you looking to extend the life of kitchen appliances or your hot water boiler? Does your company sell bottled water? Aqua North Water Systems Ltd has your water purification solution. With over 35 years of experience in this field, we have the ability and knowledge to design, install, and service the purification system you require.

With a water sample or analysis, one of our water purification specialists will be able to assist you. Aqua North Water Systems Ltd has experience with restaurants, small and large camps, trailer parks, bottled water depots, and golf courses. With certified EOCP Small Water System Operators, you can always count on getting the best service and guidance from a knowledgeable team. Learn more about our purification systems .

Rental Systems

If you need water in a remote area but don't want to purchase, Aqua North Water Systems Ltd offers short-term and long-term rental purification and pumping systems for your unique needs. We offer the following rentals:

Small or large camp water purification plants

Water storage sheds

Water well pumps

Centrifugal pumps

Water distribution sheds

Maintenance Service and Contracts

Aqua North Water Systems Ltd has certified operators who can efficiently maintain and troubleshoot any water purification system. Regular scheduled maintenance is available and can be set up according to your exact needs, from monthly to bi-yearly and yearly. Signing a maintenance contract will give you the satisfaction of knowing your system will always be in good hands.

Flow Testing

Flow tests are recommended when there is drilling, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) or seismic activity in your area. General flow tests include water pumping, well recovery and water sampling. Certified pump installers and proper equipment allow Aqua North Water Systems Ltd to perform an accurate test. We can measure up to several hundred gallons per minute to determine the flow of the aquifer for any commercial or municipal well.

Well Cleaning and Rehabilitation

Regular well cleaning will reduce the build-up of organics in your well. A well with a low yield tends to draw in oxygen which in turn oxidizes iron and plugs up the screen or perforations. Regular maintenance will reduce this and even improve the flow to its original state.

Cistern and Storage Tank Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing a cistern or storage tank helps reduce the occurrence of bacteria growth in a water supply. Annual cistern cleanings are always recommended and even mandated by the Northern Health Authority. Aqua North Water Systems Ltd has personnel trained for these types of jobs with procedures put in place to make sure the job is completed safely and efficiently.

Well Chlorinating

Shocking your well with chlorine can interrupt the growth of bacteria, but done improperly, can be relatively ineffective and even harmful. Our staff has been trained on how to properly shock a well and has the testing equipment to make sure it is being done properly and effectively.

Water Systems for Various Sectors

Our water services are ideal for residential, industrial and commercial establishments. Contact us for a detailed quote or to schedule a visit.

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