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Residential & Light Commercial Water Pumping Systems in Northern BC

Aqua North Water Systems Ltd offers a variety of pumping systems to effectively deliver water to your household or business. We have certified BC and Alberta pump installers that will provide the right system for your exact needs. Select from the list below to learn more.

  • Standard pumping systems for water wells
  • Constant pressure systems for water wells or cisterns
  • Jet pumps for cisterns and dugouts

Standard Pumping Systems

A standard pumping system includes a submersible well pump that delivers water to a pressure tank that stores water for later use. By sizing a pump to work with your water well’s yield, and by incorporating a properly sized pressure tank, we can give you a water system that will last many years without any headaches.

Our standard 4" pumps offer flows from 5 to 75 U.S. gallons per minute and our 3" pumps offer .5 to 30 U.S. gallons per minute. We have pressure tanks available to be used with all of these flows. We offer the following types of submersible pumps:

Constant Pressure Systems

Our constant pressure submersible pump systems can be used with single-phase and 3-phase 3" and 4" pumps, and can be installed either in a water well or a cistern. There are many advantages to using a variable frequency drive (VFD) to run your pump motor. One factor that leads to this type of system is space. With a soft start and stop, it allows for a much smaller pressure tank to be installed, often only requiring a wall space of about 24" x 24".

Other Advantages

  • Soft start (reduces chance of a rubbed wire in the well)
  • Dry-run protection (shuts down the pump if the water in the well runs out)
  • Overload protection (prevents burning out motor if debris gets into the pump)
  • Over/under voltage protection (protects the motor during voltage spikes)
  • Broken line protection (shuts down the pump if a sudden and constant high volume of water starts to be used)

Jet Pump Systems for Cisterns

Aqua North Water Systems Ltd has jet pumps specifically designed for homes, cottages and irrigation systems. Jet pumps draw the water up from the well, cistern or dugout through suction. They create suction by spinning an impeller. The impeller moves the water from the well through a narrow jet mounted in the pump. This constriction at the jet causes the speed of the water to increase, much like a garden hose nozzle.

As the water leaves the jet, a partial vacuum is created that sucks the water from the well. Behind the jet is a venturi that slows the water down and increases pressure. Jet pumps generally need to be primed since the pump uses water to draw water. A check valve should be installed in the feed line to the pump to keep the water from draining back into the well.

Aqua North Water Systems also offers a constant pressure pump that can be used instead of the standard jet pump.

Water Pumping Systems

Get the right amount of water along with full control on the pressure by having us install your water system. We source our products from reputable brands.

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